The Two Eskimo Boys Meet the Three Lucky Swedes

written by Jeff Kunkel, with assistance from Irene Anderson and the Sitnasuak EldersNonfictionSitnasuak Native CorporationNome, Alaska, 2002 from the book, What happens when three Scandinavian gold miners are guided to a deposit of arctic  gold by two Inupiat boys from a nearby village?  from the book: “The Three Lucky Swedes left Alaska as rich men…and … Read more

Alaska Gold – Life on the New Frontier, 1898-1906

Alaska Gold

Letters and Photographs of the McDaniel Brothersedited by Jeff Kunkel NonfictionScottwall Associates and California Historical SocietySan Francisco, CA   1997 Here are the facts, sights, sounds, smells and engaging detail of this Far North frontier. Here is an epic, as experienced and expressed by Californians through letters and photographs, tools available to men and women of … Read more

Bless Ewe

Bless Ewe

10 short stories, fiction published by Face to Face Books, Milwaukee, WI, 2000 Kunkel’s stories are rooted in the farms, villages, churches, and outdoor life of Wisconsin with characters and predicaments which could easily be yours… Kunkel does not shield the reader from the hardness of life but often reveals a bit of grace in … Read more

Warming Fires – Stories for All Seasons

Warming Fires

written by Jeff Kunkel 17 short stories, fictionFirst edition 1997Second edition 2014Crispin Books, Milwaukee, WI We need stories like these to help us make sense out of our lives…. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Kunkel tells the stories of these Wisconsin folk with a gentle good humor reminiscent of his fellow storyteller from Minnesota, Garrison Keillor.” Dr. Ron … Read more