The Giant

Completed Novel
55,000 Words

Most giants live in legends, but this one lives next door. Kids see him as a freak. Women see him as a threat – “ his body is too big, his mind too small, his ways too rough.”

Tell the Bees

Completed Novel
60,000 Words

Tell the Bees is a story about starting out, starting over, and finishing up, a story of love and loss which connects the generations, living and dead.

Didn’t We Have Fun!

Didn't We Have Fun!

Paintings by Hilda RobinsonText by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel Children’s Picture BookCrickhollow Books, Milwaukee, WI  2012 Hilda Robinson, artist and grandmother, shares the joys of growing up in a closely-knit African-American family and neighborhood, long before television was invented.  Meet Hilda’s four sisters and one brother, her Mama and Daddy, her Philadelphia neighborhood of … Read more

Jesus, This Is Your Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer According to Kids

Jesus - This is your prayer

edited by Jeff Kunkel Children’s Picture BookAugsburg PublishingMinneapolis, MN  2004 I asked each child to print or write the Lord’s Prayer in his or her own words.  Then, with their own translations of the prayer before them, I asked them to explore the  prayer phrase by phrase, through conversation, drawing, and painting. from the Introduction

What Scares Me & What I Do about It – Stories & Pictures by Sunday School Kids

edited by Jeff Kunkel Children’s Picture BookAugsburg PublishingMinneapolis, MN  2003 … Jeff Kunkel has gathered a collection of children’s own words and images that articulate their fears and what they do about them.  This book is an invaluable tool for helping families expose, explore, and exorcise – fears that beset children today.” Augsburg Books

Noah, Build Your Boat – Old Testament Stories and Pictures by Kids

edited by Jeff KunkelChildren’s Picture BookAugsburg PublishingMinneapolis, MN, 2002 Winner of the 2002 American Graphic Design Award, sponsored by Graphic Design USA. The kids’ stories and pictures are fresh, brave, and true – and they’re sure to make you laugh, frown, wonder, trust, and learn…” from the Introduction

Jesus, This Is Your Life – Stories and Pictures by Kids

Jesus, this is your life

edited by Jeff Kunkel Children’s Picture BookAugsburg Publishing,Minneapolis, MN,  2001 Winner of the nationwide award for the Best Children’s Book 2001, from the Association of Theological Booksellers. In the editor’s work with children of diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds, he reads stories about Jesus, then asks the kids to write each story in their … Read more

The Two Eskimo Boys Meet the Three Lucky Swedes

written by Jeff Kunkel, with assistance from Irene Anderson and the Sitnasuak EldersNonfictionSitnasuak Native CorporationNome, Alaska, 2002 from the book, What happens when three Scandinavian gold miners are guided to a deposit of arctic  gold by two Inupiat boys from a nearby village?  from the book: “The Three Lucky Swedes left Alaska as rich men…and … Read more

Alaska Gold – Life on the New Frontier, 1898-1906

Alaska Gold

Letters and Photographs of the McDaniel Brothersedited by Jeff Kunkel NonfictionScottwall Associates and California Historical SocietySan Francisco, CA   1997 Here are the facts, sights, sounds, smells and engaging detail of this Far North frontier. Here is an epic, as experienced and expressed by Californians through letters and photographs, tools available to men and women of … Read more